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Carpet & carpet tile cleaning

All carpets and carpet tiles require maintenance to optimise wear life, performance and appearance.

The most important point to make when considering the cleaning and preservation of carpet and carpet tile installations is that it is more effective to maintain the installation from day one. We recommend a planned programme of care and cleaning rather than carrying out major restorative cleaning when the carpet becomes excessively soiled or damaged.

The performance of your carpet or carpet tile is dependent on several factors:

• Construction and colour
• Effective barrier matting
• Correct installation

Planned Maintenance

In extreme cases, the carpet or carpet tile might be reported as wearing badly or being 'worn out' after a relatively short period in use. In fact, the carpet or tile is usually found to have lost appearance because of infrequent or improper cleaning. Improper cleaning can cause a build up of residual cleaning agents that will lead to rapid re-soiling and matting of the pile.

A planned maintenance programme will usually consist of regular 'preventative' cleans for selected high traffic areas, augmented periodically by more intensive cleaning treatments.

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