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Commercial carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are easy to install, remove and replace. As well as offering a high degree of flexibility, this also means there's a relatively low level of wastage compared to other types of flooring, and thus a greater degree of sustainability.

The process of installing carpet tiles is simple and straightforward and large areas can be laid in a short time. For you, this represents a significant cost and time benefit.

Helping you select the right carpet tile

Sometimes appearance has to take second place to cost and this is where a good poly prop tile scores. The pile will flatten somewhat after a few months but after that, the overall life will not be affected as it won't impact on the wear.

Nylon tiles retain their appearance far better than Poly as the fibres are more elasticated and robust this why they tend to be more expensive.

The basic reason for laying carpet tiles is to make an area look good and Nylon certainly has the edge; but if cost is everything then fine however paying a little bit more at the outset allows your school, office etc. to look good long after you've forgotten the price.

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